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I'm Caitria

Designer · Mountaineer

A Brief History

I lead and teach solid design. Previously, I was fellow & adjunct faculty member at Stanford University's Design School (d.school), founder/CEO of award-winning Recovers.org, graduate of Harvard University, employee of the Harvard Law Review, and occasionally a street-musician.

What to build, and how to build it

I work with teams to perfect their user's experience, create conceptual designs & strategy, and build skills with workshops and design sprints.

I am a seasoned expert in user-centered design, from needfinding and user research to rapid prototyping and product management. I'm committed to creating meaningful products and experiences, and building in-house talent for future design work.

UX Design

Hire me as a user experience lead or product manager. I'll work with your users to discover needs, frame unique insights, plot direction, and prototype solutions. I'll work with your team to develop design and innovation skills.


Pivots, pilots and prototypes should be fun! Develop your in-house talent and jumpstart any stage of your product's lifecycle with hands-on design workshops. Reframe your product or service with your users in mind.

* Currently accepting new projects*

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